Saturday, March 26, 2011

In my imaginary life I am a rapper

When I was at boarding school, I thought I was 'gangsta'. Maybe it was because I went to a predominantly white upper middle class school and so I thought being an ethnic minority would automatically add to my street cred...(that's how gangsta's talk)..

Of course everyone knows that part of being 'gangsta' must include a love for hip hop/rap/RnB music. There is just something about rap music that captures me...its poetry in motion. In class instead of paying attention to whatever the teacher was blabbering about..(see what I did there?!) I would scribble down rhymes and verses into my official rap note books. I was sure that one day, the lyrics in these books would shoot me into superstardom!

In fact, jotting down rhymes is something that I still do..
here is an example of a line a recently wrote....

"people want change like pimp my ride, so they talk to Jesus and ask him to pimp their lives"

so I may not be a modern day Shakespeare, but writing rhymes gives me a release from the endless amount of reading that i now have to do for seminary..

look out my my hit single coming out soon


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