Sunday, April 17, 2011

waiting on a download

Right now I am downloading a film called 'Inherit the Wind'. I have to write a review on it for one of my seminary courses, i-tunes tells me that there is 14 more minutes before I can watch it...perfect time to update the blog...

I like it when things work the way they are supposed to work. This goes for everything from computers to relationships between humans. The other day I saw an employer meet her helper with some shopping bags, this is not an uncommon sight. However what was uncommon was the way this employer treated her helper...with actual respect and love!

The lady (employer) had two bags, her helper offered to take both, but she insisted on carrying one on her own. As they walked down the street the lady was chatting, laughing and even had her arm around her helpers shoulders....I over heard her complimenting her helper on how good her haircut looked!! It was like they were sisters or mother and daughter!!

This should a picture of of this relationship Hong Kong we have created a culture where domestic helpers are often treated as if they were inferior. Why? Cause these people are ..hmm how should I put it lightly....moronoic, selfish idiots...

Respect, what does it mean to you?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

In my imaginary life I am a rapper

When I was at boarding school, I thought I was 'gangsta'. Maybe it was because I went to a predominantly white upper middle class school and so I thought being an ethnic minority would automatically add to my street cred...(that's how gangsta's talk)..

Of course everyone knows that part of being 'gangsta' must include a love for hip hop/rap/RnB music. There is just something about rap music that captures me...its poetry in motion. In class instead of paying attention to whatever the teacher was blabbering about..(see what I did there?!) I would scribble down rhymes and verses into my official rap note books. I was sure that one day, the lyrics in these books would shoot me into superstardom!

In fact, jotting down rhymes is something that I still do..
here is an example of a line a recently wrote....

"people want change like pimp my ride, so they talk to Jesus and ask him to pimp their lives"

so I may not be a modern day Shakespeare, but writing rhymes gives me a release from the endless amount of reading that i now have to do for seminary..

look out my my hit single coming out soon

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My First Preaching Gig

Hey, this blog space has been down for a I guess it's time to inject some life back into it.
Much of what I want to say in this blog is in the form of audio...that means you will have to listen to a sermon. I got a chance to preach at my church (KIBC) back in January. What a privilege it was!!

God has been preparing this sermon in my heart for some time. I am glad I finally had the courage to share it. It's only through his grace that I could do what I did.

So if you are interested, have a listen, if will have saved some time.


Follow the link to the audio site..

zSHARE - athornintheflesh11.mp3

zSHARE - athornintheflesh11.mp3

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

could be time to re-start....

and so, many times I have tired to re-start my blog. But many times I've been unsuccessful...but here we go again...

Perhaps this may be the worst time of all to attempt this blog again. A LOT has changed since I last blogged. Lets examine these a little further.

1) I am engaged to the most awesome and beautiful girl in the world!! And we are due to be married on the 2nd of January. Brittney is a blessing, if I had to define the term blessing in my life, she would be what I would show you. I am so thankful to God for putting Brittney in my life.
She is without a doubt the love of my life.

2) I graduated from Kindergarten!! and I am now a youth minister. God's calling has been strong on my heart and mind and I am honored to be serving him in this way. It's only been a week, but God is already doing some pretty spectacular things in this ministry. ALL the kids I work with are so super awesome. They are rocking my world right now...

3) I will be starting seminary! A great friend once said to me "life is a teacher", how right he is about this. Seminary will be a great challenge, and a lot of hard work. But this is what I want. I want to learn and in learning I hope to grow.

So, I've got my plate full...but live life to the fullest right??

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Monday, August 4, 2008

closing thoughts....

It's been quite a trip I must say and now it's (finally) drawing to a close.  I don't want to say too much really.  But one thing I will let you know here.  God is the most amazing thing.  Now, some people might see that as a cliche.  But this is FACT, and it's something that I have learnt these last 3 weeks.

When we willingly give ourselves up for Him to use, he will provide. He will not fail you.  

We have been talking a lot about starting a new, changing your life and then diving deeper into God's word!!..

This is an never ending process....

I refuse to be the same, we have all been changed!
watch out hong kong.....We are going to change the world!